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For almost three decades, Microsoft Excel ® is the de facto tool of choice for data analysis, and is extremely important for enterprise data analytics in the business world. While on the other hand, SAP HANA ®, as one of the most important data platform innovations from SAP AG, has become a strategic solution in many customers' digital transformation journey. 

AecorSoft sees the importance of both Excel and HANA, and developed AecorSoft Reporting HANA Edition to bridge Excel and HANA together. The best part? It is made available for free!

AecorSoft Reporting HANA Edition is the best companion to SAP HDBStudio, when it comes to HANA data querying and reporting.


AecorSoft Reporting HANA Edition is:

  • Excel Add-In

  • Compatible with Excel 2010, 2013, 2016 on Windows

  • Compliant to HANA security model

  • Intuitive to use

  • Plug-n-play

  • Powerful yet light-weight, with highly efficient programming intelligence and algorithms under the hood

AecorSoft Reporting HANA Edition Features:

  • Support for

    • Tables

    • Views

    • Synonyms

  • Object column name and description support (when defined in HANA)


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Usage Scenario Examples

Business agility: Power user perspective

  • Example: Business analysts need to analyze real-time HANA data from within Excel through the self-service experience, and reconcile the data between HANA and other enterprise applications to get the most accurate business insights.

Engineering efficiency: DevOps perspective

  • Example: HANA architects and developers continuously need to inspect HANA data for prototyping and unit testing purposes. AecorSoft Reporting HANA Edition sets users free from manually writing ad-hoc SELECT queries and dealing with all the HDBStudio "timeout" headache due to idles. The result is the significantly improved up HANA data querying experience.

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* Please notice that AecorSoft Reporting HANA Edition installer is now able to intelligently detect Excel 32bit and 64bit versions. There is no longer the need to download 32bit or 64bit separately.