As official Silver Partner of SAP AG, and technology ISV partner of Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and SalesForce, AecorSoft specializes in enterprise-ready, secure, scalable and high-performing integration software products for SAP systems, to help customers make the most out of their investment in SAP.

The heart of AecorSoft product suite is the exceptional unified connectivity framework and the world-class adaptive data engine for SAP, powered by patent pending algorithms. The data engine contains the rich intelligence of a wide range of SAP data models, and is the core reason that highly productive data integration with SAP is made possible. No matter it is to build big data pipelines from SAP to on-premise or cloud based data platforms, or to drive self-service, real-time analytics on SAP, AecorSoft has the answer. AecorSoft could significantly improve the SAP integration project life cycle, and enable customers to focus more on the critical business problems, instead of struggling with SAP integration efforts.

AecorSoft suite spans across .Net Runtime and Java Runtime. The popular adoption scenarios include, but not limited to: 

  • Large volume SAP data extraction to on-premise data warehouses or cloud data platforms like RedShift and Azure Data Lake;

  • Modern data integration with SAP HANA, either as data source or data destination, with extremely fast performance;

  • Real-time reporting and analytics on SAP data in Excel and Google Sheets;

  • ERP and CRM data integration with SalesForce;

  • Predictive Data Modeling and Analysis in R;

  • Enablement of value-add custom application development with SAP.



AecorSoft Data Provider

The software library offering unified connectivity and data access to SAP's rich and complex data models, and fetching data from SAP in compliance with SAP security requirement.

AecorSoft Reporting

Excel based real-time SAP data integration solution, which truly delivers the plug-n-play, zero-code, and self-service analytics experience on top of SAP data. Officially certified by SAP.


NEW!!! AecorSoft Reporting HANA Edition is the newest feature in AecorSoft product family, which comes in the FREE version!

AecorSoft Integration Service for SSIS

New!!! CDS View is now supported.

The component suite for Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), enabling SSIS data flows to extract massive SAP data in various types, and load into on-premise data warehouses and cloud data platforms like Azure Data Lake.

AecorSoft Integration Service for SSIS is fully compatible with Azure Data Factory v2!

AecorSoft Data Integrator

The standalone SAP data extraction and loading solution, with support of a rich set of destinations, including RDBMS offerings like Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and cloud data platform offerings like Azure data lake, Azure blob, Amazon S3, Amazon RedShift, Google Sheets, and Google Cloud SQL.