AecorSoft Integration Service for SSIS and ADF

The component suite for Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), enabling SSIS data flows to extract massive SAP data in various types, and load into on-premise data warehouses and cloud data platforms like Azure Data Lake.

AecorSoft Integration Service is fully compatible with Azure Data Factory v2 SSIS Integration Runtime.



AecorSoft Data Integrator

The standalone SAP data extraction and loading solution which is capable of both real-time change data capture (CDC) and batch. It supports a rich set of destinations, including Databases, Cloud storage, File, and more.

This is the best solution for customers who are not in the SSIS or ADF ecosystem.

AecorSoft Reporting

Excel based real-time SAP data integration solution, which truly delivers the plug-n-play, zero-code, and self-service analytics experience on top of SAP data. Officially certified by SAP.



 AecorSoft Reporting HANA Edition (free)

AecorSoft Reporting HANA Edition is a completely free offering to enable Excel based queries against HANA database.

AecorSoft Data Provider

The software library offering unified connectivity and data access to SAP's rich and complex data models, and fetching data from SAP in compliance with SAP security requirement.


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