AecorSoft Integration Service is a set of components working with Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) and Azure Data Factory SSIS Integration Runtime, enabling the best SAP and Salesforce massive data integration experiences with Microsoft data platforms.

Using AecorSoft and ADF, ETL-in-Cloud is not only possible, but also demonstrating a highly performing, scalable and effective Platform-as-a-Service data integration experience, configurable and manageable through the web browser, which has not been seen in the traditional SAP and Salesforce ETL space.

The most common use case of AecorSoft Integration Service is the "outbound scenario", which is to extract massive data, in full or delta, from SAP ERP, BW, S/4HANA, BW/4HANA, HANA DB, or Salesforce.

For the "inbound scenario", AecorSoft Integration Service has a special "for BW" edition to enable the massive data loading from external data sources into BW classic Data store Objects (DSO) and Advanced Data Store Objects (ADSO).

From performance standpoint, AecorSoft Integration Service is the most performing, cost-effective, and easy-to-use SAP ELT/ETL solution on the market, 3 times faster at extracting SAP tables than BOBJ Data Services! (Read more...)

With AecorSoft Integration Service, the SSIS development with SAP and Salesforce is significantly simplified.

As the result of close collaboration with Microsoft SSIS and ADF product teams, AecorSoft Integration Service is also ready for Azure Data Factory V2, for a complete Azure experience! (Read more)

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Rich SAP Object Support

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Compliance to SAP Security Model



Ready for Azure Data Factory V2

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Superb Performance